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Stress is inheritabe through your forebears' DNA

Here is a somewhat lazy post of me, as the main thing I have done is merely paste 3 links. The links are very much worth reading though, as they corroborate scientifically, what Systemic Work, or Family Constellations has been working with for decades now. What it comes down to is, that one can inherit trauma. The stress switches on markers on ones genes and these markers stay switched on in one's offspring. So if your great great grandmother almost drowned, I will not be surprised that you have a fear of water. And if your family a few generations back had to flee their country and leave everything behind say for religious reasons, there will be several themes playing out in your mental health. I am thinking: loss, not belonging, not being able to settle down, not being allowed to be who you are, having to keep hidden, financial problems for not believeing you can hold on to what you have and the list of possibilities goes on.

Moshe Szyf amongst others, an epigenetic researcher in Canada, has physically found these changes in DNA. He also found that these changes are reversible with what he calls 'epigenetic medication'. That is very hopeful news. Family Constellations on the other side wants to facilitate these healing changes through therapy. Unfortunately, there is no known research yet to corroborate that this is physically working out too. We have ample empirical evidence though, which for now is enough. from my side, I can't wait till this has been proven scientifically as well. It would be the cherry on the cake. Enjoy your reading!

A child takes on the characteristics  from his parents as well as genetically coded stress responses
trauma can be inherited

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