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Do you feel stuck? Anxious? Depressed? Lost? Unsure what to do?

Or do you want to more energy, a better balance, easier flow of life?

Do you want to feel wellwellwellwell in a mental, social, physical, and spiritual sense?


How many of us really know how to autonomously turn life into a balanced state where we feel in control? My non- judgemental and unconditional therapy offers that experienced professional outsider perspective and the much needed different angles on things. This helps shed a light on hidden dynamics and patterns. It facilitates much needed breakthroughs. Moreover, it  provides possibilities for coming out at the other end even better than before.


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What does my therapy have to offer?



improve control over your life


gain important


make wellbeing more effortless


be 100% supported
and accepted

release negative patterns


People have different needs for healing. Some will just want to come out of a dysfunctional pattern, such as having social phobia, and start enjoying rewarding relationships. Others want to learn skills and yet others keep searching for an ever more effortless life and aren’t satisfied with ‘that’s just who I am’, such as slightly chaotic, addicted, or always late.


We tend to get used to our unhelpful patterns and find ways around them. However, this avoidance makes you miss out on a lot of things that make life so much richer.


I invite you to discover how much you can actually heal. It’s an incredible lot; more than you think. Life can actually be free from bullies and worries, because you don’t attract them anymore. You’re not condemned to your survival strategy and a reactive stance. When you change your attitude from within, the people around you will respond very differently to you.



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I am an accredited BABCP and accredited online therapist; I provide one-on-one and couples counseling or relationship therapy as well as family constellation (systemic work) workshops, both online and in person. As such, I offer a warm non-judgemental environment where it is safe to cry, laugh, be human, and be vulnerable in every way. You can experiment with new behaviour and discover your unknown strengths, limiting beliefs, and blocks. I keep up to date with the latest scientific developments in the field and adapt my approach accordingly.  My client’s unique learning style is leading to facilitate optimal treatment results.


I have over a decade of work experience in the NHS in primary (IAPT) and complex care (CDAT). Originally from The Netherlands, I have worked in Europe and Asia for many years now. I have treated disorders from any form of anxiety and depression to severe suicidal ideation an anything in between.

I am a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society),

accredited by the BABCP  (British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies),

ACTO (Asscociation for Counseling and therapy Online) and

ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association).

I am reconised as Master Constellator by Constellators International (CI)


English, Dutch, German


I hold a:

Bachelor's Degree (with Merit) and a

Master’s degree (equivalent to a first) in Clinical/Health Psychology (both University of Amsterdam)

University Diploma (with Merit) in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; University of Reading).

4 Certificates in Family Constellations and

Couples Counseling from the CSC (Centre for Systemic Constellations). I hold a

Certificate in Online Counseling (Academy for Online Counseling) and moreover, I was trained as a

Shamanic healer at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS)

Certificate in Nutrition and Mental Health (EdX)

I offer these therapies separately or combined, depending on your individual wishes and needs. The combination of them generates deeper and longer lasting results.



published in Newsweek: read the article here

About Me
resurrection, phoenix from the flames


Are you suffering from a clinical mental health issue, such as depression, trauma, PTSD, phobias or anxiety? CBT is a practical and skills-based approach that has enjoyed a lot of positive reseach outcomes. CBT looks at patterns of (negative) thinking; the evidence for one's self-defeating thoughts, and encourages testing out new behaviour. It is this practical approach is what generates lasting change and prevents relapse in the long term. Therapist and client collaborate to find the crux of the problem, each adding their expertise on the issue.                                                                                                                        

The full range of disorders  I treat:

specific phobia, such as spider phobia, claustrophobia,

agoraphobia, needle phobia, emetophobia,

fear of heights, etc

social phobia

body dysmorphic disorder

eating disorders

generalised anxiety syndrome (GAD) (excessive worrying)

OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

trichotillomania (hair pulling)

anger management


low self esteem

insomnia/ sleeplessness

chronic fatigue syndrome

trauma/ PTSD/ complex PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome)



“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

Contact Me


73 Coningham Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 8BS, UK


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